Overview of our organization:

Our organization is committed to providing athletes with encouraging messages daily to help them maintain their focus throughout their academic, athletic, and personal journeys in life. We enrich them with love, support, and family-like culture to ensure that we are their family away from their family.

Our Founder

Scott Arnold,

serves as Founder and President of Team Sports Ministries. Scott’s vision for Team Sport Ministries, known as TSM, began in 2008, alongside his great late wife, Nicole Arnold. There has been a passion for serving in ministry for Scott, but also the love for football drew him in closer to working with high schools to do the Lord’s work, being a servant.

The vision of Scott has led TSM to serving roughly 70% of our students in single-parent, low-income, and high crime rated neighborhoods. As Team Sports Ministries continues to grow, Scott seeks to provide a sense of safety, nutrition, guidance, and family-oriented relationship to our athletes. Our program has impacted 2,000+ student athletes to take initiative in their ademics while helping them discover their life purpose.

Scott Arnold, Founder & CEO

Email: Scott.tsm0@gmail.com

Mobile: (561) 513-0591

  • Community Outreach

    Our goal is to develop young men of character to help fulfill their purpose, and serve their communities

  • Our values:

    Faith, Family, and Football.

  • Standards:

    Commitment, discipline, respect, integrity, earn trust, and believe in yourself.