TSM Men of Character Nominees

Team Sports Ministries is excited to host our 2nd Annual Man of Character Banquet at Marriott Palm Beach Gardens. The event will be hosted by Cornerstone Companies, February 8th, 2024.

The dinner will include five local participating high schools, local business owners, sponsors, and supporters. This year’s banquet will entail a coaches’ and donors’ VIP reception room. There will be a delightful dinner and dessert served, highlight reels of player’s football season, special testimonies shared, and even a few guest speakers. A TSM Man of Character Trophy will be presented bearing the student-athlete’s name and will reside at the winner’s high school until it is passed on at the following year’s event.

We have prepared a list of sponsorship opportunities. Visit the link below to learn more.

2023-2024 Man of Character Banquet Sponsorship Opportunities

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Banquet Sponsorship Package

Men of Character Past Events