Scott Arnold, Founder & CEO

Scott Arnold, is a community servant that has shared most of his life around sports. His love for sports shines through the passion and commitment to help develop young men that are searching for hope within the communities they grow up in.

Scott was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he grew up a Ohio State Buckeyes and Cincinnati Bengals fan. On any given Saturday and Sunday, there is no doubt in mind that during football season you can attest to Scott watching some football. He met his beloved late wife, Nicole Arnold in his hometown as well. Through Christ, their relationship grew them closer and after becoming married, they later created three beautiful daughters.

Scott and his family relocated to South Florida, residing in Riviera Beach, Florida. Community leader, Dan Calloway, welcomed Scott with open arms becoming a mentor and father figure. Mr. Calloway’s presence,
support, and guidance led Scott to learning how to launch a 501(c)3, known as Team Sports Ministries today. Scott began to realize the pain, trauma, socio economic impact young men were faced with, and lack of guidance. Stepping up and going beyond set in with Scott to provide a sense of safety, nutrition, family-oriented community, and guidance for student athletes. Palm Beach Gardens Community High School and William T. Dwyer High School, became the first two schools that Scott would work with.

When Scott and Nicole founded Team Sports Ministries in 2008, they were blessed to be a part of William T. Dwyer’s 2009 Football State Championship experience. From the many practices, meals, devotions, and team bonding experiences Scott and Nicole shared with the players, they realized this was their calling. Years later, Team Sports Ministries now serve five local high schools in Palm Beach County. The journey continues to expand into more schools.


Mobile: (561) 513-0591

Email: Scott.tsm0@gmail.com

Gerald Hearns,TSM President

Gerald Hearns, currently serves as President for Team
Sports Ministries 501(c)3. Gerald is a graduate of William T. Dwyer High School and football program where he and Founder, Scott Arnold, established a father-like-son bond in 2009.

While playing football and participating as a student
during Team Sport Ministries character development workshops, Gerald led group sessions, team prayers, and even added feedback that helped him learn and grow through the wisdom of Scott.

Eventually, Team Sports Ministries became a family to
Gerald outside of sports by supporting him in his personal life and during his college journey. Through the many stories and milestones he has been through, Team Sports Ministries played a major part in his life for 10+ years that later influenced him to support the vision of Scott to serve as President following life changing events for Scott Arnold.

Gerald Hearns is the epitome of perseverance and is a
successful community leader, servant, author, entrepreneur, and most importantly a man of integrity.


Mobile: (561) 316-8680

Email: Gerald.tsm1@gmail.com

Kimberly Keown, TSM Vice President

Kimberly Keown, also known as Kim, proudly serves as Team Sport Ministries Vice President. Kim is a shining star in the Riviera Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Town of Lake Park region of south Florida. As a former scholar athlete, born and raised in New Jersey, serving the community and mentoring others has always been a passion.

Kim, is the owner and operator of Southern Kitchen Diner in Lake Park, Florida for over 30 years. Southern Kitchen is a landmark diner that has earned many awards and accolades due to the amazing family oriented service, cleanliness, and home cooked meals served. In 2021, Southern Kitchen Diner was honored as the #1 Diner in Palm Beach County by “Best of Palm Beach County”.

Since Inception of Team Sports Ministries, in 2008, the acts of kindness, support, and giving for 14 years as a sponsor has been fulfilled by the efforts made on behalf of Kim and Southern Kitchen Diner. We are honored to have Kim serving as a President to further our vision for TSM.


Mobile: (561) 628-2371

Email: Kim.tsm2@gmail.com

Barkley Wyckoff, TSM PBC South Regional Coach

Barkley Wyckoff is excited to be on staff with Team Sports Ministries. He has been in ministry full-time since 1994 in Palm Beach County. Barkley has had the privilege to work with three churches full-time and also Fellows of Christian Athletes, known as FCA, for nine years. He is excited that God has given him a vision and expanded his ministry to the athletes, students, and coaches here in Palm Beach County.

Having been a three sport college athlete, competing on
the field has always been at the core of who Barkley Wyckoff is, but loving Jesus is truly the most important thing in the world to Barkely. Barkley has coached at every level from little kid recreation soccer to NCAA Division I athletes. There is a connection. Everybody needs Jesus and guidance.

“It is because of the love of Christ I am who I am,” says
Barkely. If you would like to team up with Barkley and Team Sports Ministries to help grow the kingdom of God, we can use all the help that we can get. The first thing that you could do for our ministry is say a prayer that doors continue to open, especially in Palm Beach County. If you feel inspired to get involved, we would personally appreciate it and be sure to let Barkley and our team know so that we can help you get connected to our team. Lastly, if you would like to financially support our mission, you have the option to visit our
donate now page to learn about the various ways that you can support. We would love to talk to you about how you can invest in this great ministry.


Mobile: (561) 373-1427

Email: Barkleywyckoff@yahoo.com