Team Sports Ministries conducts RoundTable discussions to allow student-athletes to engage in topics that allow them to critically think and develop their leadership and character skills. Our team has 30+ years combined of Dr. John Maxwell Leadership Training, La Red Foundation Training, and various personal development training.

What is a Round Table?

What is a Round Table?  

Research states, a roundtable discussion is an organized conversation with one moderator, several chosen speakers that bring a variety of perspectives to a subject, and an audience who may simply observe or participate by asking questions. Some events use the roundtable discussion format as a breakout exercise for small groups during a conference or lecture.

What are some lessons we discuss?

We have developed a curriculum to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to mature and exemplify the values and traits that employers seek upon the hiring process.

In collaboration, with coaches, administrators, volunteers, and community sponsors, our curriculum has been requested by various schools, organizations, and businesses for character development. 

Principles such as time management, discipline, mental preparation, teamwork, work ethic, perseverance, and more are focus areas we encourage to our student-athletes. Each workshop is adaptable and offered to individual schools, businesses, organizations, training facilities and more.

The La Red Foundation is a faith-based, non-profit organization that brings transformation to the
minds and hearts of people through the study of Kingdom values and principles. We believe God has called people to have influence in various spheres of society and wants each person to function effectively and with integrity and character wherever they may be.

Birthed in 1989 through a vision given to the founder, John E. Schrock, in which he saw the world coming to God’s people for answers,  John then wrote the 40 principles which are designed to equip and train leaders of transformation  for that movement. These principles are studied in a weekly meeting called a RoundTable and uses the Methodology of the same name.

La Red RoundTables have been implemented in over 100 nations and have affected over 1,000,000 people and are continuing to spread exponentially through grassroots movements in
every sector of society.